Hi, I’m Jenika. If you’re wondering how to pronounce that, it’s JEH-ni-kuh. That’s half of the reason I named my company J. Kurtz Design. The other half is my maiden name, Kurtz, it means a lot to me and I wanted to honor all of the family members who have come before me who gave their all to give me all that I have. I come from a long line of very hard working, honest and dedicated people and that’s what I bring to each job of my own. I’m not interested in running up your tab, I’m interested in giving you a home that you love spending time in.

I work out of a small studio in my backyard, in a neighborhood that reminds me of my beloved small town Wisconsin roots. I have a wonderfully talented team of people who help me work magic. I describe my work as clean, colorful and classic. I never want YOUR house to look like ME.  I want it to be a sanctuary that we create together. I want you to walk in your front door and feel happy. I want to help you achieve all of that as effortlessly and seamlessly as possible, navigate the (inevitable) tough times together, and then have a drink at the kitchen island when it’s all complete.

I started my company almost five years ago. Before that I worked for one of the best designers in the biz, Chris Barrett. I owe her everything. She was my mentor and is still my friend. Before that I worked at KAA Design, an architecture firm that taught me so much it was almost like going to grad school. Look them up. Before that I studied in San Diego and graduated with a degree in Interior Design- who knew that was a major- one that didn’t require a thesis or a foreign language, lucky for me. 

Since I was a kid I would rearrange the furniture in my room and ask my mom “are you SURE you don’t want to paint the room THIS color?” when I was ten. I was always by my dad’s side and he would make me wear Kurtz Construction shirts, jeans and work boots- like the rest of his guys- when he hired me in the summers (which were hot as hell in Palm Springs.) Design is what I’ve always been interested in, it’s what I love, and I can’t NOT be thinking about color and composition and scale and style all day, everyday. My favorite thing on earth (related to “work”) is changing a client’s home in a way that makes them gasp and exclaim, “Oh my god, I had no idea it could feel like this!” Oh yes, it most certainly can.